Interview Forms

Sponsor for Inquirer-Candidate (PDF)         Sponsor for Inquirer-Candidate (DOC)

Interview Guide (PDF)          Interview Guide(DOC)

Documentation Needed (PDF)           Documentation Needed (DOC)


Council Formation (PDF)           Council Formation (PPTX)

Minister Orientation (PDF)           Minister Orientation (DOCX)

Overview of Handbook For Servant Leadership (PDF)         Overview of Handbook For Servant Leadership (DOC)

 Responsibilities of Council (PDF)          Responsibilities of Council (DOC)

Rite of Admission

Candidacy Letter (PDF)     Candidacy Letter (DOC)

Candidate Form (PDF)     Candidate Form (DOC)

Intercessions (PDF)     Intercessions (DOC)

Rite of Admission, Minister (PDF)      Rite of Admission, Minister (DOC)

Rite Outline (PDF)       Rite Outline (DOC)

Admission Template (PDF)       Admission Template (DOC)


Celebrant – he (PDF)       Celebrant – he (DOC)

Celebrant – she (PDF)       Celebrant – she (DOC)

Celebrant – their (PDF)       Celebrant – their (DOC)

Celebrant – Cover (PDF)       Celebrant – Cover (DOC)

 Directions (PDF)      Directions (DOC)

FD & Candidate Template (PDF)      FD & Candidate Template (DOC)

FD & Candidates Cover (PDF)     FD & Candidates Cover (DOC)

 Minister Template (PDF)     Minister Template (DOC)

Minister Cover (PDF)     Minister Cover (DOC)

 Program Template (PDF)     Program Template (DOC)

 Profession Bulletin Template (PDF)     Profession Bulletin Template (DOC)

 Candidate Letter (PDF)     Candidate Letter (DOC)

Minister Letter Template (PDF)      Minister Letter  Template (DOC)

Profession Renewal (PDF)       Profession Renewal (DOC)